Totalitarianism or Italexit (third part): from Obamagate to the new Italian Risorgimento

Surrendering is an option that we cannot consider!

In the first part of this narrative, we saw that WHO and Bill Gates attempted to take us over by creating the “Colao Government”, as the head of a government that operates in the shadows, “with the help of the darkness”, whose purpose was not to face the national emergency situation (Coronavirus) or overcome the dramatic economic stagnation, but to actually dismantle the industrial system of SMEs, to approve anti-democratic measures and implement monstrous social experiments that can deeply change the Italian society. Colao might seem to have set, but the option remains …

In the second part we saw how the ultimate goal of this process of change in society – confirmed beyond the role of Colao – is to establish an oligarchy in plain Chinese style, that is aimed at controlling every single moment of the life of individuals by using intelligent products that report information about these individuals to the few “Amazon” which remain alive in a completely globalized world. These will monitor us and send orders of goods to meet their commercial budgets.

This is meant to build and control a single market on a world scale, a so-called perfect market, in which there will be no boundaries nor borders. In this (perfect) market the concept of export will not exist either, since the whole world will be a single internal market.

For further clarifications on this aspect, please check chapter 14, entitled “Sovranità”. Multinationals and SMEs ”, from the book “Sovranismo ”(various authors) edited by Gianni Alemanno.

It is useless to deny it, we are slowly sliding towards a (synarchist) totalitarianism.

The synarchy intelligently uses plans of “invisible revolution”, has its men infiltrated in key government positions or replaces those who occupied them; as in the coup against Salvini and the Lega; this way the elite takes control of society, taking advantage of the coverage framework given by indirect democracy, and the citizens do not even realize this.

In 2017 the financial expert Soros met the then Premier Gentiloni and in 2019 the then vice-president of the European Commission Frans Timmermans, to whom he suggested sending the Troika to Italy. In 2020, thanks to the wicked behavior of many PD politicians, Italy is at the center of a frightening pandemic and all pro-Soros parties sow panic among citizens and push for the adoption of the ESM . We all know that saying ESM is tantamount to saying Troika but, above all, it means the uttermost approval of all the perverse European mechanisms aimed at keeping the Euro and its Expansive Austerity alive for a long time.


Once the ground is prepared for what is in fact a real coup under democratic cover, the new “enlightened” elite will be able to move forward with its “revolution from above”. Nothing to do with the “bottom-up democracy”, the one that is so praised by the children of the pro-Chinese comedian. Here the “men of Will” impose their ideas making them sound like those expressed by the best men ever and which a given economic system is capable of producing.

Thus, by working hard on control from within, the synarchy can work in any accomplished democracy, as if it were a totalitarian regime.The attempt in Italy to combat the decentralization of power in the regions, the attacks to Lombardy and Veneto, are the attempts to bring power back to a highly centralized government and, therefore, with fewer institutions to control (the reason for the “ban” of the provinces and shortly after that of the regions is soon explained: there is no waste to be fought, it is only aimed at obtaining centralized power and control).

Much more could be written about it, but the bottom line is this: Italians will soon realize that they have slipped into a pure Chinese-style totalitarianism.


Surrendering is an option that we cannot consider!

Regarding what is written above, as citizens who recognize themselves in a system of common values, we are called to do our part to get out of this dangerous situation.

How can we do it, given the constraints on our political choices that come from the European Union?

We can and must rely on the only politician who really seems to be fighting against the globalist project: Donald Trump.

A few days ago, the “Obamagate” trial began before a US Senate commission, which could heavily involve important names in Italian politics.

The first witness heard is Rod Rosenstein, former US Deputy Attorney, who commissioned Robert Mueller, former FBI Director under Bush and Obama, from 2001 to 2013, to investigate the famous Russiagate (the alleged interference of the Russians on the 2016 American elections). This great gentleman allowed the former FBI director to investigate despite not having the slightest shred of evidence that could fuel suspicions.

What happened before he pushed Rosenstein to do so?

The following things:

APRIL 2016: at the Link Campus University in Rome a Maltese professor, a certain Joseph Mifsud, reports to the then Trump campaign advisor that Russia had dirty material on Clinton (hacked emails). Papadopoulos, this is the surname of the aforementioned consultant specialized in “energy and oil”, talks about it during an alcohol-fueled evening in London with an Australian diplomat, Alexander Downey, who alerts his government. From the latter, the information arrives directly to the FBI and Papadopoulos is sentenced to prison.

JUNE 2016: A former British MI6, Christopher Steele, is commissioned by Fusion GPS (a private Washington DC political research firm) to assemble an anti-Trump file at the request of the Clinton electoral committee and the Democrats. It is particularly noteworthy that Steele will then notify the FBI that Hillary Clinton was perfectly aware of his work. Fusion receives $ 12 million for this dossier, not bad for a job that had previously been started on behalf of other entities.

JULY 5, 2016: Michael Gaeta, legal assistant at the USA Embassy in Rome, meets Steele in London and gets the opportunity to be the first to check the first draft of this Dossier.

JULY 31, 2016: The FBI starts the investigation called “Crossfire Hurricane”, or the Trump-Russia investigation, based on the Steele Dossier.The problem is that this Dossier turns out to be a hoax and the then FBI Vice-Director, Andrew McCabe, in office from February 2016 to January 2018, hides the fact from the Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Former FBI Director Mueller himself will never tell Rosenstein what crimes he was investigating. These alleged crimes were allegedly committed by Papadopoulos (slyly lured by Mifsud), by Trump’s son (who received a mysterious Russian at Trump Tower for matters which are not relevant today) and by General Flynn (the real objective of this entire setup along with Trump). Not even a single crime is communicated to Rod Rosenstein, yet he authorizes the entire operation.

In short, the Deputy Attorney General of the United States of America authorized investigations of Papadopoulos and Flynn without having the slightest shred of evidence.From the words spoken before the commission these days, it turns out that Rosenstein allowed investigations on two prominent personalities of the Trump administration and his election campaign without providing the Senate investigating commission with any reasons.

Now the fun begins!

Why is Flynn as important as Trump?

Because as Republican Senator Ted Cruz tells Rosenstein: “Didn’t it occur to you how strange this fury of the FBI and the Department of Justice against a multi-decorated 3-star general who was about to become NSA General Advisor of the President-elect was? “

He was about to rise to the top of the NSA (National Security Agency, the body of the Department of Defense of the United States of America that, along with the CIA and the FBI, deals with national security)!

And why would it have bothered so much if he had risen to this important managerial position?

Because the previous administration, the Obama administration, was furious with Flynn because he was aware of the funds allocated by the CIA for the Al-Nusra and ISIS terrorists, connected to Al-Qaeda, to overthrow the legitimate Syrian government. Flynn was against it and would have informed the public of this connection. It is no coincidence that we no longer talk about Isis and the war in Syria.

So, Obama feared Flynn regarding the chaos in Syria.

But that was not all, Obama also worked against Papadopoulos for gas, he supported the Iranian one while Papadopoulos worked for others and intended to collaborate with part of the Arab countries and with the Russians.

With the end of sanctions on Iran, the theocratic regime, supported by Obama, hoped to be able to replace Russia in the supply of gas to Europe. At the same time, the Qataris sought to arrive in Europe by passing directly through Syrian territory.

The war in Syria was nicknamed “Energy war” at the time: at the base of all there would be pipelines with the aim of bringing natural gas to Europe, the Qatar-Turkey Pipeline and the Islamic Pipeline, both in Syrian territory.

But this did not please Putin at all, they would have weakened his affairs in the EU, hence his support to Assad with a view to containing a dangerous competitor and his subsequent aid to Erdogan in the coup d’état:

thanks to which he regained Erdogan’s friendship and obtained favorable conditions in t he predominance of supplies in Europe by obtaining his gas passage on the South Stream:


Is this intertwining clear? You may say: “Yes, but what does Italy have to do with it”? It has a lot to do with it.

Link Campus of Rome, Michael Gaeta, Italian secret services and politicians heading the secret service agencies.

According to Papadopoulos, Obama used Renzi to get around the obstacle of America’s rigid anti-Watergate laws, to spy on Trump and set

What Papadopoulos claims is that the Italian secret services moved with the help of the unsuspecting Occhionero brothers.up false evidence about non-existent facts.

On  January 10, 2017 the following title could be read in “Il Fatto Quotidiano”: “Cyberspying. Renzi, Draghi and Monti were being spied on: two arrests in Rome. The Masonic lodge of Bisi under control ”

Giulio Occhionero, nuclear engineer, and his sister Francesca Maria, entrepreneurs residing in London, go to prison. The operation is being conducted by Italian law enforcement agencies in collaboration with the FBI Cyber Division.The Judge for the Preliminary Investigation then said: “Political and military espionage are highly probable”

And instead, coincidentally, this operation seems to have been part of the anti-Trump DEM conspiracy. Giulio Occhionero explains that he was the victim of an operation that aimed to use his servers, located in US territory, to bring elements of collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow to the FBI.

Is it now clear that Italian Judges and Law Enforcement intervened along with the FBI and its Cyber Division? Now, the above process, i.e. the first part of the whole, still requires a few months, 36 people will have to be heard, before the names of the big shots are eventually brought up. In this way, we can say that after elections in November, the process will undergo an impressive acceleration that could also cause disruptions in Italy, both because all the leaders of the PD would be affected, and because the current PM Conte has done very little to facilitate the work of Barr and Durham.

In those years, two cabinets succeed each other in Italy: the Renzi cabinet and the Gentiloni cabinet, did they play a role in this spy story? Have our Italian secret services been involved in the making of this Dossier?

Papadopoulos has no doubts, Renzi was perfectly aware of the fraud perpetrated against Trump and followed Obama’s orders: to use the Italian services to falsely accuse Trump  bypassing the anti-Watergate law.

Renzi meets Obama in October 2016 (at the White House) and in Milan in May 2017.

When Occhionero writes to the American Congress and to the FBI itself, he openly accuses the Italian postal police and the CNAIPC of illegally hacking the American servers of his company, the Westlands Security.

Such a complex hacking technique by the postal police could not be carried out without the collaboration of the current government.

If all of this is proven, and again, it could only take place after the American elections in November, it would be the confirmation of an active and dangerous role for the Italy-US relations by the Italian intelligence agencies and of the responsibilities of the PMs and Ministers of the Interior (who are the head of the secret services) of the two aforementioned governments.

At that point, the entire PD would be dragged through the mud, just like Filippo Argenti.

What about the M5S party?

Not even the M5S can feel safe at all. In the first place, the members of M5S are guilty of having made the pro-Chinese choice regarding the 5G, when in Italy there are several US and / or NATO installations, thus endangering the security of the entire Western world. Secondly, they are responsible for material damage to the Italian and American economic system for the alleged Covid-China scandal. Known to Americans since August 2019, probably kept silent by the then NSA chief Bolton (disclosed by Trump in September), the Chinese pandemic was discovered by the US after September 10, 2019 as soon as the NSA came under effective Trump control.

Let me explain that.

Last August 2019, the Covid virus began to spread in China. American satellites recorded an increase in the movement of cars from and to Wuhan hospitals but the NSA (in the hands of a sworn enemy of Trump, Bolton) kept it secret from the world.Faced with an imminent danger, thanks to Bolton’s innate warmongering trend, to which Trump is strongly opposed, Potus released the advisor disclosing the problem.

In October 2019, Di Maio went to the USA and he must have been warned by the Americans of the imminent arrival of the pandemic, but Luigi, who has no power at all neither in the political movement he’s in (in the hands of Grillo), nor in the ministry, is now so pro-China that he is careful not to go against his bosses and masters; he is also too young, inexperienced, inadequate and with no skills or talents, to act bravely on behalf of the Italians. So he surely remained silent about everything.

But he is not the only one. Beppe Grillo is also silent when he comes out from the Chinese Embassy in December wearing a mask, the Pope is silent in February when he prevents a Chinese woman from kissing his hand.The virus is known to harbor on infected saliva.

And so, between the ineptitude of Di Maio, the silences of Beppe Grillo and the total irresponsibility of the #abbracciauncinese (a hashtag that said “hug a Chinese”), Italy ends up on the front row of the defendants among those who have created significant damage to the US of Trump.

The Chinese are to blame, but the co-responsibility of the M5S and PD politicians is truly frightening and that is why they shall fall and end up in oblivion along with Conte, the one who got commissioned by Bill Gates leaving space for Colao, a man of the Anglo-American globalist bankocracy elite.

Our situation is bad, our economy is struggling, the public finances are worsening and in addition we have worked against our most important ally ever: the USA.


Surrendering is an option that we cannot consider!

Only Trump’s victory in October, the end of this government, the disappearance of these politicians and their parties and the adoption of Trump’s economic policies can guarantee the return to normal that has been denied to us since the Montiano coup.

Currently the government bases its survival on the ECB’s PEPP program, without which our banking system would have already collapsed (and the Euro would have vanished). Tomorrow instead, detaching ourselves from the Franco-German traction Europe, without the ECB’s lifebuoy, we can resort to the technical instrument swap lines, repurchase lines, the same ones that FED has already extended to 14 Central Banks of foreign countries in March 2020. With these credit lines it will be possible to say goodbye to euro without any trauma.

It is possible now.

Clearly, for this to happen we will have to wait patiently for Trump’s re-election, for the developments of the Obamagate and we will have to push the opposition to form a true national conscience because the Homeland is one and it is indivisible.

Today we can hope to witness the new Italian Risorgimento, during which Italy will be able to regain its national unit.

The time has come to decide. Ad maiora!




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